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The Allstar Cheerleading Championships

The Difference is in the Details

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Earn Your Bids

Earn your Bid to The Allstar World Championship.

Full Paid and At Large Bids will be awarded to the top teams at our LIVE Challenge Series Events in South Florida.

Cash Bash Paid Bids Offered at Sunshine Challenge Live  Event in Fort Lauderdale.

At Large Bids will be awarded to the top teams at our Virtual Send Off Showcase Event.

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Compete with Champions

Earn your National Championship Title by competing against teams both nationally and internationally at all levels: Allstar, School, Recreation, Performance Rec, and College Divisions allowing you to compete against a variety of competitors. Earn points towards National Rankings and Credits to the Open Championship Series.

Detailed feedback in all categories providing insight on scoring from experienced, qualified judges. 

National Championship Rings awarded to Level Champions at Live Challenge Series Events and Jersey's to Grand Champions. 

All participants at each event, live and virtual will receive custom designed medals for the events.


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Challenge Series

Live National Championship Event with Full Paid and At Large Bids to The Allstar World Championship. Custom Designed participation medals for all athletes, National Championship Rings for Level Champions, Division Championship and Team Placement Banners, Individual participant gifts, and Jerseys for Grand Champions.

Showcase Series

Virtual Events to provide scores and feedback to prepare for the Season. At Large Bids to The Allstar World Championship and Free Live Stream Virtual Event. Custom Designed participant medals, participate in all 3 Showcase Events and the individual medals connect, forming one medal. Division Championship and Team Placement Banners.

Championship Series

Virtual National Championships for targeted divisions. Allowing athletes compete and earn banners and awards. These events allow athletes to compete and showcase their skills earning participant medals, Championship and Placement Banners.

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