The Allstar Cheerleading Championships

Compete against teams from across the nation and internationally without leaving your gym. The Allstar Cheerleading Championships virtual competitions allow teams to compete and receive detailed feedback on scores.  Earn At Large Bids to Allstar World Championship at our Kickoff Showcase and Sendoff Showcase events.

FREE Live Stream events for athletes and families, sharing every moment on the mat! Division placements and specialty awards given at each event, highlighting each teams accomplishments.

The Difference is the Details

Focused on providing accurate scoring and detailed feedback to assist coaches and athletes is the focal point of The Allstar Cheerleading Championships. Our events are staffed with veteran judges who will evaluate each routine providing detailed commentary in all sections of the scoresheet. The comments are to provide insights from the judges perspective, allowing for indepth analysis of each routine.

Seamless registration, ease of video upload and return of scoresheets, simplifies the process for coaches. Video and scoresheets are located in one location allowing for review of scoring.   

Athlete Focused Events designed to emphasize each team and program.

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