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Allstar  |  International  | Prep  | Novice  | Dance

School  |  Rec | College  

Age Grids:
Allstar  |  International  | Prep  | Novice  | Rec


chool  |  Rec | College  


There will be a Division 1 and 2 Split at Live Events


Allstar  |  International  | Prep  | Novice  | Rec




Scoresheet Return

Live Events will provide scores 15 Minutes after team performance at Score Review, scores will be emailed to the email listed on the Reg Champ Account. You will have 20 Minutes question` any difficulty and/or legality scores. Division Scores will be returned via email after awards with full scoresheets.

Virtual events will provide scoresheets prior to the Live Stream or Score Reveal. The date and time for scoresheet return will be announced in the event information. You will have 3o minutes to email any questions regarding difficulty and/or legality scores. Each scoresheet will contain detailed feedback to gain insight into the scores. If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator.

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