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Registration for any event this season is easy and seamless! 

Click on Registration Button, Select your Events and Create your account. One stop shop!

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Showcase Pricing

The Kick Off Showcase and The Sendoff Showcase pricing includes FREE Live Stream and At Large Bids to Allstar World Championship

$350 per Team

Pick Two

Select either a Showcase Event and The Review or Both Showcase events and receive $50 off per team for the dual event registration. 

The Review

The Review pricing includes detailed Routine Review with Division Rankings, Virtual Team Placement Banners and Virtual Specialty Awards

$150 per Team

The Trio

Register for All 3 Events and receive 10% off  per team. Registration for all 3 events must occur at one time and is per team.

Multiple Teams

Register multiple teams per single SHOWCASE event

3 Teams or more

and receive a 15% discount off the total team price.

Partner Package

More information to come as we announce partners

Registration Checklist

Create Account

Create an account for your program. Registration and payment will be completed from this account

Upload Rosters

Upload team rosters, waivers and any paperwork in one location and site

Upload Video

Videos will be uploaded to each event using your login and account information. Make sure to upload by the deadline.

Retrieve Scores

You will be notified when scores are released.  Retrieve your scores from the  and view the video with your scoresheets.