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Summer Stunt Fest

Registration Due              May 21

Videos Due                       May 28

Result Reveal                    June 4

$100 Per Stunt Group

$75 Per Partner Stunt Group

Allstar Divisions

School Divisions

Rec Divisions


Game Day Championship

Registration Due              Oct 1

Videos Due                       Oct 8

Results Reveal                  Oct 22

$300 Per Team

Game Day Divisions

Game Day Scoresheet


Prep and Rec Championship

Registration Due              Jan 27

Videos Due                       Feb 4

Live Stream Event            Feb 18

$350 Per Team


Rec Divisions

Traditional Rec Scoresheet

Performance Rec Scoresheet

Championship Series

Virtual Competition Event

Cost: Per Team Fee

Each event is individually priced

Registration Deadline:

Create an account, register and submit All Rosters and

Waivers on line. 

Video Upload

Videos will be submitted to your online account via

upload or Youtube links

Scoresheets Returned: Emailed to Coach by 11 am day of Results Reveal


Team Placement Banners

Division Championship Banners

Custom Designed Medals

Zero Deduction Virtual Button

Participation Awards

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